Butterfly Wine Bottle Holder

Butterfly Wine Bottle Holder


This unique Butterfly Wine Bottle Holder is constructed out of steel. The vines, leaves, and flowers were painted black, then highlighted with a copper paint. The butterfly was hand cut, hammered with decorative touches, then dyed with blue patina. This piece will surely be a show-stopper in your home or place of business.

  • Clear coat finish

  • Fits standard size wine bottles

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This beautiful wine bottle holder is ornately decorated with whimsical flowers, leaves, and a butterfly. The vines, leaves and flowers have all been highlighted with a high quality copper colored paint, with the flowers having the most attention to detail and thereby drawing the eye to them. The butterfly was cut out of steel, hammered and shaped into being, then lovingly colored with a blue patina.

Fits standard size wine bottles or other bottles of similar dimensions

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