The Untamed Flower

The Untamed Flower


One of a kind piece. The Untamed Flower was a family design and is thereby not an item you'll find elsewhere!

By ordering this product you are ordering a custom replica and not the original. The benefit of this is you can change elements about it or keep it the same as in the pictures. Do you want a purple, blue, Tiffany green flower? We can do it! If you'd like the same color scheme, count it as done! Please note this item is free standing and will display beautifully on a shelf or wall, as well as in front of a fireplace.

Shipment time: Up to 6 weeks, though we should get it to you much quicker.

Original Color: Natural Steel

Highlight on Flower, Leaves, and Bands: Copper

Dimensions: 33”x12”x21”

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